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International Financial Enterprise Bank. The Evolution of Finance.

Products and Services

Soft Open: Not all products and services are currently available. The information below details the products and services that will be offered by our Grand Opening in Q1 of 2019.



Account Services

Type Products and Services Description
Service Account Research Upon your request, IFEB will research and answer questions or concerns you may have related to a specific transaction or set of transactions.
Service Alerts Our Online Banking allows you to manage your personal account Alerts. These alerts are designed to ensure you are never surprised.
Service ATM - In Network There are over 2,500 ATM in our network. There is no cost of using these ATM machines.
Service ATM - Out of Network Using an Out-of-Network ATM is highly discouraged. The cost of these transactions can vary significantly; which IFEB has no control over. 
Service Check Image All paper checks are scanned and turned into photographic images. The image can be viewed through Online Banking.
Service Consolidated Statements All of your accounts are reported on one monthly bank statement. This allows you to have a record of all your accounts in one location/file.  The file can be downloaded and printed if you need a paper copy.
Service Credit Inquires With your authorization, IFEB will respond to specific credit inquiries. Because of privacy and compliance risks, our responses are confined to only what is permissible by the Consumer Financial Protection Board and other regulatory bodies.
Product Debit Card Your IFEB Debit Card is the primary vehicle for financial transactions. This card is compatible with various digital wallets. 
Service Document Copies You may request copies of your personal account(s) documents, IFEB Disclosures, and various IFEB Policies. These documents will be provided in a PDF format.
Service Electronic Statements IFEB provides account statements in a digital format (.pdf). These can be accessed through Online Banking or contacting our Customer Service. This is highly efficient and better for the environment.
Service FDIC Insurance Coverage The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides consumer account insurance for each account up to $250,000 per account. State and National Banks are required to provide FDIC coverage. IFEB is an International financial entity. This designation allows us to provide you, the consumer, with the option of FDIC insurance or to receive a higher interest rate on your account balances. 
Service Friend to Friend Payments With a few click in our Mobile App, you can quickly and easily pay a friend. 
Service Micro-Deposits Micro-deposits are how we validate ownership of non IFEB accounts and then add this account to your online banking list of accounts.  Once validated, you are able to transfer money between accounts.  
Service Mobile Deposits With IFEB's Mobile App you can take a picture of a paper check and deposit it directly into your selected account.
Service Online Bill Pay You can pay one-time or repeating bills through IFEB's Bill Pay. This is available through Online Banking and our Mobile App.
Product Paper Checks You never know when you might have to write a paper check. When opening an IFEB checking account, you will receive 250 checks. This will last most people an very long time. If you like to utilize paper checks, you can order more through our partner - Harland Clarke.
Service Phone Banking
At 1-833-623-6021, you can access your account information and perform basic transactions. This is an easy to use automated service.
Service Printed Statements Printing statements is a costly process. Human and natural resources are required. We recognize, however, that some individual want or need paper statements. You can opt-in to receive Paper Statement through Online Banking. There is an additional cost for this service. The cost is designed to cover printing, handling, mailing, and the cost of offsetting carbon credits.
Service Reconciliation Services Upon your request, IFEB will help reconcile your account and validate transactions.
Service Stop Payments If you issue a payment, either digitally or with a paper check, you can stop the payment if needed. There are certain requirements that must be met. Please call 1-833-623-6021, then 0, to learn more or to Stop a Payment.
Service Text Banking
Yes, you can check your balances and perform basic transactions through Text. Click here for the Text Banking Terms and Conditions.
Text Banking #: 226-563
The key words are: 
BAL = check your balance
HIST = shows last six transactions
XFER = move money between accounts
Service Transfers - Account to Account With Online Banking, our Mobile App, and Text Banking you can easily transfer money between IFEB accounts.
Service Transfers - IFEB Account to/from other Bank Account You can transfer money to/from your IFEB Account and an account at another financial institution. This does required a micro-deposit transfer to validate access and ownership of the external account. This can be done through Online Banking and our Mobile App.
Service Verification Letters At your request, a letter validating your account status.


Card Products

Type Products and Services Description
Product Credit Card IFEB's Quick Rewards Card is design to provide a faster way to rewards. Click here to learn more.
Product Payroll Card A Small Business Product that allows employers to pay employees by placing wages earned onto a prepaid debit card. As compared to a paper check, this is a much safer and cost effective for the employer and employee.
Product Prepaid Card With our Prepaid Card, you place a certain amount of money on the card, use it just like a debit card, and when the balance gets low you can reload the card. It can never be overdrawn.
Product Vacation Card Similar to a Prepaid Card, but is designed to be used outside of the United States. It minimizes risk in case you lose the card and protects you from identify theft.

Cash Management Services

Type Products and Services Description
Product Fraud Protection
Product Information Reporting
Service Liquidity Management
Service Payable Management
Service Receivables Management

Deposit Products

Type Products and Services Description
Product Business Checking Our all-in-one business checking account. Flexible enough to meet multiple needs and .....
Product Checking - Interest Bearing Checking The best checking account in the industry with a market leading interest rate. In banking terminology it is called a "demand deposit account." The means the money is available to you upon at any time.
Checking - FDIC All the benefits of Clear Checking, but you forgo the interest earnings in order to have your money insured by the FDIC.
Savings - High Earning A great way to save money for that vacation.  IFEB Evolution Savings account provides a market leading interest rate.
Product Savings -FDIC All the same features as IFEB's Evolution Savings account with the added benefit of having your savings account insured by the FDIC.
Product Certificate of Deposits - High Earning  IFEB has several options - from 3 months to 2 years.  This is a great product with a locked in interest rate.  IFEB's High Earnings CD provides some of the best rates in the industry. 
Product Certificate of Deposits - FDIC All the same features as IFEB's High Earnings CD with the added benefit of having your savings account insured by the FDIC.


International Services

Type Product and Service Description
Service Cash Remittance (Discount) Send money to individual in Mexico.
Foreign Currency
Mexico Bill Pay (Utilities) Pay Mexico utility bill directly from your IFEB account
Non US Credit Card Transaction
Non US Debit Card Transaction
Remittance to Mexico
Wire Transfers - International

Loans - Commercial

Type Product and Service Description
Product Commercial Real Estate
Small Business Lending
Specialty Lending

Loans - Retail

Type Product and Service Description
Product Debt Consolidation Coming Soon.  Our product design will help you get out from the burden of credit debt.  If you need immediate help, please call our customer service at 833-623-6021.
Personal Secured Coming Soon.  Designed for that special need that doesn't fit conventional financing.  Please call 214-739-2424 ext. 1002 to learn more.
Residential Real Estate Coming Soon.  Currently, IFEB does not offer residential mortgage loans.  We are working on this, but it has to be designed to meet our levels of innovation and service.

Other Banking Services

Type Product and Service Description
Product Cashier's Check There are times when a Cashier's Check is needed. Is it safe and the money is guaranteed to the recipient. If you need a cashier please contact our Customer Service at 1-833-623-6021, then 0.
Foreign Currency
Referring to the process of converting US Dollars into a foreign currency. IFEB does provide the exchange process if the currency is in a digital format (e.g. electronic transfer, wire transfer, card). IFEB does not currently provide a service to convert foreign paper currency into US dollars or vice versa.
Product LifeLock Coming Soon.  It is not a question of if you identity will be stolen; it is a question of when.  LifeLock provides an extra layer of security and help you get you life back when you need it.
Wire Transfers - Domestic Ongoing To send money via Wire Transfer log into you online banking account and select "Other Services" from the left side menu.  Then select "Wire Transfer" and complete and submit the form.  An IFEB Customer Service Agent will then call you directly to finalize the transfer. This extra step is required due to the potential risk of fraud.
Wire Transfers - Domestic Incoming Click here, for the IFEB Incoming Wire information you will need to provide the sending.