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Credit Builder Loan Program

Taking your Credit Score to New Heights

Standard Loan Amount


Loan proceeds are held as collateral 16 monthly payments of $65.18


Payment proceeds cover:

  • principal and interest payments, and
  • six-months of credit repair services from Go-Go Credit Builders

Upon completion you have:

  • $600 in the bank,
  • credit report has been scrubbed and cleaned,
  • a positive pay history has been reported to the credit reporting agencies,
  • established a loan payment history to creating and/or raising your credit score,
  • seen your credit score improve every month, and
  • You are one step closer to realizing your dreams.

Premium Loan Amount


Loan proceeds are held as collateral 14 monthly payments of $122.90




The same process as the Standard Loan, but with a greater positive impact on your credit score.








Pick the payment plan that fits your budget.

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Here's how it works

It's simpler than you think
  • Sign-up for GoGo Credit Builder Program
  • Complete IFEB’s Credit Builder Loan and Certificate of Deposit Application
  • The loan proceeds ($600 or $1,200) are placed into the Certificate of Deposit
  • The Certificate of Deposit is used to collateralize the Credit Builder Loan
  • Make the monthly scheduled payments
  • Each month IFEB reports your on-time payment to the credit bureaus
  • Your FICO score improves every month
  • When the loan is paid off, the money in the Certificate of Deposit is free for you to use ever how you want.
Loan Detail Standard
Borrowing $600.00
Term 16 months
14 months
Interest Rate 24.99%
Processing Fee $40.00
Direct Debit Required Yes
Payment Due Date 1st business day of month
1st business day of month

Payment Summary

Go-Go Credit Builders $299.99
Principal Payments $600.00
Interest Payments $142.94
     Total Payments $1,042.88