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Certificates of Deposit

The big banks are making record profits with your money and you are not getting to share. This is not the way we do business.

A certificate of deposit should be thought of as an investment - because it is.  You are giving us your hard earned dollars to invest, and for IFEB, these investments are loans to other customers. We believe you should share in the financial returns just like in any other investment. What makes this even better as compared to other investments is because we are so highly regulated and because we don't make risky loans, your money is always safe.    



 Evolution Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Available Terms

3 month

Annual Percentage Yield


6 month

Annual Percentage Yield


12 month

Annual Percentage Yield


24 month

Annual Percentage Yield


36 month

Annual Percentage Yield




Simple and Transparent

By eliminating the cost burdens of the legacy banking industry - an expensive branch banking network and the cost of maintaining outdated technology, IFEB can pass this benefit directly to our customers.
  • Minimum Opening Deposit:  $1,000.00

  • Funding Your Account: Transfer from existing IFEB account, Paper Check by mail, Wire Transfer

  • Fees: No account opening fees, no maintenance fees, no incoming wire fees, no automatic renewal fees 

  • FDIC Insurance: This product is not FDIC insured. IFEB is classified as a "well-capitalized" financial entity which gives the comfort of knowing your money is safe. The associated cost savings is being passed on to you in our industry leading rate.

  • Maturity Notice: IFEB will send you a notice of the maturing funds 20 days before the maturity date.

  • Maturity Process: Withdraw funds, Add funds to your Account, Take no Action - funds will automatically renew for the same term and at the current IFEB quoted APY.

  • Early Withdrawal: Unfortunately there is a penalty for withdrawing the funds before the maturity date. For transparency, this is because there is a cost to us. The penalty is equal to 90 days of interest earned. Talk to us before you do this; there might be a better option.


Disclosure: APYs are subject to change until CD is opened and assumes interest earned remains in account until maturity. Offer good for the initial term only. CD is automatically renewed into a personal CD at the same term and at the quoted APY in effect at that time. Minimum deposit of $1,000 to earn advertised APY. The stated APY assumes interest on deposit until maturity and a withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. IFEB’s High Yield Certificate of Deposit products are not FDIC insured.