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International Financial Enterprise Bank. The Evolution of Finance.

About IFEB

Here at IFEB, we believe a bank should be designed for the future by allowing our customers to bank when, where, and how they want. We have replaced the nuisance and hidden fees with a genuine desire to be your partner in navigating life's financial stresses.



Our Goal

To break the traditional banking mold and be a leader in the evolution of financial services . These points of differentiation will be evident in our products and services, our approach to marketing, and the way we operate; but most importantly, you will see how we are a values-based company by the way we do business.



Our Values

As a company built on values, we aim to create a safehaven for our customers through advocacy, authenticity, transparency, community, social responsibility, as well as, fair value-exchange.


This is our Commitment to You

We will be Authentic
We will be Authentic - We are who we say we are and unwavering in our beliefs and goals.

We will be Transparent
We will be Transparent - No small print or hidden fees.

We will be an active participant in our Community
We will be an active participant in our Community - What is important to you is important to us. We will be actively engaged with our customers, employees, and partners in making our communities, country, and world a better place.

We will be Socially Responsible
We will be Socially Responsible - We will make a positive social and environmental impact.

We will ensure a Fair Value-Exchange
We will ensure a Fair Value-Exchange - Our products and services add value to our customers and the price we charge will align with the value being delivered.

We will be a Safehaven
We will be a Safehaven for the unbanked and underbanked — For those who don’t trust the banking system, and for those the legacy industry does not want as customers, IFEB will strive every day to earn trust and welcome everyone into the community

We will Advocate for our customers
We will Advocate for our customers - We will be our customers’ Advocate. We will support and represent our customers by ensuring they are treated fairly, prepared for major financial events, and growing toward financial stability.


Our Vision

To become the bank known for making the lives of our customers better, the bank whose profits are tied to the value delivered, and a bank that once again makes us proud to be bankers.

Designed for the Future
The financial industry is rapidly evolving. The traditional model is no longer relevant. IFEB is defining the next generation of banking.
Focus on Technology
Leveraging the latest technology to allow people to bank the way they want, when they want, and how they want.
With a new way of Thinking
We are removing the constraints of traditional banking. Void of the negative aspects of the legacy, one that is not burdened by outdated infrastructure, and one that is not encumbered with old school traditions.
Based on Values
We are fully committed to living our values:
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Community
  • Socially Responsible
  • Fair Value-Exchange
  • Safehaven
  • Advocacy